About Us

The Pike Place Market Food Access Program began in 2013 as part of the Pike Place Market Foundation. We strive to make the Market’s food resources affordable and accessible to everyone.


Here’s more about our history,

In 2013, the Pike Place Market Foundation began the Food Access program by enhancing the EBT program at the Pike Place farmers market stands through the work of an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer. The program was met with huge demand. In January of 2014 the Market Foundation collaborated with the Pike Place PDA to develop a community kitchen. The Atrium Kitchen quickly became host to weekly cooking classes and community meals for Market residents.

In June of 2014 the Foundation collaborated with the Pike Place PDA farm team to launch a subsidized branch of Farm to Go, the produce bag delivery program sourced from Pike Place farmers. The farm team helped distributed 401 bags of fresh, local produce to families at low-income daycare centers around Seattle, complete with fruit and vegetable info, recipes and other resources.

The Foundation is committed to increasing its capacity to engage the local community and ensuring that everyone is educated and has access to the healthy food that is abundantly available in the market. There are institutional changes and additional programs that can be a vital part of sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

Dana Gould is the Food Access Coordinator, please contact her with any questions, comments or suggestions at dana.gould@pikeplacemarket.org, 206-774-5273


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