Good and Cheap Challenge!


Here’s How to Enter:

1)   Check out the online copy of the “Good and Cheap” cookbook   (Click on “Free PDF”.)

2)   Make any of recipes that look good to you and,

3) Write to us about what you made, why you think it’s a good recipe, and why eating healthy is important to you.

(The more creative, the better! Pictures welcome.)

4) Send your write-up (include pictures, if you can!) and your phone number and mailing address to Dana Gould, Food Access Coordinator at Pike Place Market. Also include your affiliation with Pike Place Market (ex. Senior Center or Market House residential building.)

Email to:

Mail to: Dana Gould,  85 Pike St, Room 500,  Seattle, WA. 98101

*Mail or Send by Thursday April 30th to qualify for prizes!!


The FIRST 50 Entrees: FREE hard-copy cookbook,

EVERYONE: Entered into a raffle with awesome prizes. (Prizes include Immersion Blender, Market Fresh Coupons and more)


Check out a FREE online copy of the Cookbook →  HERE!



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