EBT Bonus Card

Program runs March- May 31, 2015.

Sign up for a Bonus Card to earn a bonus dollar for every EBT dollar you spend on fruits and vegetables at Pike Place Market.

Fresh fruits and vegetables can be expensive, especially when they are great quality. Pike Place Market vendors stock the highest quality produce, but now you can buy without the high prices. With a Bonus Card, EBT customers will receive a 50% discount when they shop at Sosio’s Produce and Choice Produce- two produce vendors at Pike Place Market.

Here’s how to get the bonus:

1. Get a BONUS Card.

Option 1: Pike Place Market office 9am-1pm on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Application takes about 15 minutes. Must bring your EBT card!

Option 2: Schedule a special appointment with Dana Gould (206-774-5273 or dana.gould@pikeplacemarket.org).

2. Shop at Half Price!

Bring your bonus card and EBT card to Sosio’s Produce or Choice Produce. Show the cashier your membership card, and you will be charged HALF the cost of your produce. Must pay with EBT card to receive the bonus. There is no limit to what you can spend and all fruit and vegetables are eligible.


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